Dominate the Short Sale Market With 3 Marketing Systems

Dominate the Short Sale Market With 3 Marketing Systems

The reality is that short sales aren’t going away time soon in many markets across the U.S. Sellers who would like to move can’t due to lack of equity. Sellers who have run into tough financial times from job loss, rising interest rates, medical bills and more can be forced to sell a home. These challenges are affecting not just the “average” home, but also luxury homes.

Homes that are over 1 and 2 million dollars have been listed as short sales. In tough economic times seemingly no one is spared. To reach these homeowners in need doesn’t have to be a challenge. Homeowners need help and they need it from a professional who can help them to save their credit (at least to some degree) and avoid foreclosure.

To reach these sellers in their time of need, we invite you to consider a balanced marketing approach. Put them all into action and you will have a raging system that delivers daily leads and closings.

  1. Short Sale Website – There are different styles of websites that you could launch to attack the short sale market. You can create a website that is a landing page focused purely on optins, a full blown website, or one that is a combination of the two. For many agents it is worthwhile to create more than website for each niche. Regardless of the style of website you decide to launch, make it easy for the prospect to request information. Make your optin forms blazingly obvious on every page.
  2. Social Networking – Just opening up a Twitter account, LinkedIn account or Facebook account isn’t enough. With your Facebook Fan Page running and a Twitter account it is important to drive traffic to these sources. You can’t just hope traffic will find you. Launch creative ads that let people know help is just a click away.
  3. Direct Mail – Not just any letter will do. Not just any postcard will do either! With your direct mail strategy consider having a set of different postcards and letters. Track when you send each one to see which letters/postcards bring you the highest response rates. Change your call to action to drive them to your website or 1-800# to see which method of contact your prospects prefer.

As you are looking to dominate your short sale market consider putting these systems into action. As you put a short sale website up, your social networking into action, and your direct mail don’t forget to pick up the phone! Compliment your marketing with great scripts on the phone and you will be taking more listings and closings daily.

Discover a complete short sale marketing system that you can put into action today.