Flipping Domain Names - An Easy Business Model

Flipping Domain Names – An Easy Business Model

If you are an internet market, you might have explored several opportunities to make money on the net. The internet is rife with a plethora of offers promising quick and effective ways of launching an internet business and earning a regular online income. It is a fact that there are umpteen ways of earning an income using the net. There are a large number of people who have turned their internet businesses into a full time activity. Flipping Domain names is one such opportunity. Though this activity has been going on almost from the time the internet came into being as a platform for ecommerce, surprisingly, not many people know about this.

You know that domains are the nerves of the internet. The entire web is made up of billions of websites. Everyday, thousands of websites are getting added. The websites need an identification or a name just as we humans need names for identifying and distinguishing ourselves from everyone else. Domain names serve as the identification criteria for websites. Each website needs a unique name to have a distinct identity. There is obviously a need for choosing the most appropriate names. A website that deals with health issues needs a name with the word ‘health.’ Obviously, there will be a huge demand and high competition for certain names, words and phrases. If a name has been taken already, it is no longer available.

Thus a business that helps people get the domain names appropriate to their activities has good prospects. Statistics show that every year millions of domains are registered. And millions of domains are also being transferred. If you have acquired a domain with a particular name and some people in the business to which your domain name is related are interested in buying that domain name from you, you can sell it for a profit. If there are a large number of prospective buyers, you can invite bids from the prospects and sell the domain name to the one who makes the highest bid. This is the concept of domain flipping. How much profit you will get depends on the value placed on the particular name by the prospective buyers.

Flipping domain names can be an attractive online business opportunity for several reasons:

– Once you understand the concept of domain flipping, this becomes an easy business to operate.

– You can run it without a website and without incurring marketing expenses.

– You can start with a low investment. You can buy one domain for less than $10 and after selling this, you can reinvest your money to expand your business.


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