How to Increase Business Online by Focusing on Free Google Traffic

How to Increase Business Online by Focusing on Free Google Traffic

While there is certainly no shortage of people trying to tell you how to increase business online when you spend the amount of time on here as we do, you start to see that almost everything comes back to the search engines at the end of the day.

And the job of the search engines (Google, Yahoo and MSN) is to bring searchers to the best webpage experience for that keyword.

Therefore, your focus, if you want to tap into the boundless amount of web traffic looking for you right now, is to key in on your best keywords and then to get them into the digital properties that Google loves the most.

Article marketing that features your best keywords is easily one of the fastest ways for you to get targeted traffic. After 21 years as a copywriter I am literally AMAZED at the speed with which you can get visibility and traffic to your site from great article marketing.

Let’s say you are a rare coin dealer in Manhattan and you wanted to get web traffic. Let’s further say that a little bit of keyword research reveals that “Manhattan rare coin dealers” gets a fair amount of web traffic per month. Let’s then go ahead and say that YOU WANT THAT TRAFFIC.

So here’s the plan…either by yourself or with help (wink win) you have articles written that feature that exact keyword, you write amazing content about that keyword that gives VALUE to the reader, and then you publish that article to the best article marketing site.

The result?

That keyword will appear on Google in about 4 days. AND IT WILL HAVE A LINK TO YOUR WEBSITE IN THE RESOURCE BOX RIGHT ON THE BOTTOM.

So let me ask you a question…

What if you had several dozen of these out there, steering the best web traffic right to your site? What would your online life be like with a steady diet of laser targeted traffic?

How would your life be if your could increase business online using a system that works each and every time it is put in place?!?

Hey, just asking!