It's Always All About Service In a Service Business

It’s Always All About Service In a Service Business

Well, I’d say this is going to be the decade of the service business. Why you ask? Well, because due to new regulations and rules, Obama Care for instance, more small businesses will stay single person operations, or have only a skeleton team. This means they will have to outsource more, meaning service businesses will be in even more demand. Okay so, let’s talk, because I know a thing or two about service businesses having founded a franchising company of service business models.

First, the customers are getting more demanding every year, probably due to the Internet. They want it now, and they want it for free, and they get downright hostile and start posting viral critiques if they are not satisfied. Thus, if you run a service business, this could be your decade, but it’s going to be “all about service, all the time!”

Today, client, consumer, or customer is likely to get on their iPhone, Android, or go online, pull up 4-companies and call them. The one who answers back in 0.000493837 seconds gets the business. Google realized this and went for speed, it paid off as they left Alta Vista and Yahoo in the dust. Customers want the companies to answer the phone on the first ring now, whereas, Fred Smith at FED EX used to make sure they answered on the third ring (cite: “The World on Time” by Fred Smith).

The game has changed, answer machines and voice messages may as well just say to the calling customer; “screw you, we don’t want your business,” because they just call the next person. Funny thing is, and we found this to be with our mobile car washing and auto service companies that often our franchisees had all of their units booked up, and they didn’t even have time to field the calls, booked up a week in advance. Back then no one had iPhones and Android, text-messaging, today, people want a response within minutes or they think you must be out of business or died?

The customers are demanding, this leads to animosity and poor service by service companies, much is ego-driven operators, such is the small business man who isn’t so politically correct. Still, it’s all about service these days 24/7, 365. No excuses, so if you want to run a service company in this environment, you have to pony up and cater to the new fast-clicking consumer who wants it right now. So, make no mistake, it’s all service! Please consider all this and think on it.


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