Making Money With Coffee Carts and Kiosks

Making Money With Coffee Carts and Kiosks

If you are looking for a good business opportunity, give some thought to the idea of operating a coffee cart or kiosk. Even as the economy has tanked over the last couple of years, coffee remains a lucrative money maker if your business model is implemented properly. A good example of that fact is the move by giant companies like McDonald’s toward serving a variety of coffee products – even as companies like Starbucks have struggled.

Let’s face facts – a coffee cart or kiosk located in a well-travelled area at optimum hours of the day can’t help but make money. This is especially true if you are capable of brewing a cup of coffee that people actually enjoy drinking. Locating your cart within walking distance of the business area of town is a surefire way to attract the type of customers you want: workers in a hurry to get their morning or noontime coffee fix!

Depending upon your local city regulations, you may be able to start your business while still working your regular daily job. Taking your coffee cart into the city park or other event locations on weekends to provide coffee to the gathering groups of people who are enjoying their time off from work is one way that you can begin to build your business without sacrificing the income you net from your current employment.

Operating a coffee cart or kiosk will put you into direct competition with major coffee suppliers like Starbucks and others, but you will at least have the advantage of mobility. After all, they can hardly pick up and move their shops to the areas where people gather, now can they? However, if the idea of competing with the “big boys” is less than appealing to you, you can even consider a franchise opportunity.