Marriage to a Bimbo - Worst Mistake Men Make in Marriage in the 21st Century

Marriage to a Bimbo – Worst Mistake Men Make in Marriage in the 21st Century

There is a mistake you will make in life, especially in the arena of marriage, that will cause you a lifetime of regrets and sorrow. Marriage to a Bimbo is the single worst mistake many men make in marriage in the 21st century. It has cost many their fortune and hard earned respect in life. It has torn several happy families apart and forces the bread of sorrow down their Oesophagus or throats. It is a destiny-destroying mistake that can reduce a lofty personality to a pimp-juice.

A Bimbo is an attractive but unintelligent person moved and concerned only by external beauty and cosmetics. She do not affinity for self-improvement of any sort, but believes that sex alone can solve the problems in relationship or marriage. Probably, was not born this way but acquired the negative trait by way of nurturing over time. A closer look into her diary will reveal that she has been through serial abused relationships that finally hit a shipwreck, and she is kicked out. She can afford to stay in any relationship despite the abuses and humiliation so long her material needs are met. She has no problem.

She approaches marriage from the materialistic perspective but has little or nothing else to contribute for the sustenance of the marriage.

A Bimbo believes that her bosom is the key to access the riches of her lover or spouse, but can never contribute productively to the welfare of the home. She rather spends much shopping for brandy clothes, jewelries, and shoes than spend on herself for self improvement. She browses the internet 24hrs and 7days a week to learn the latest fore-play and sex positions, but hardily check out the financial times and economic journals online. A Bimbo will cause you the following sorrows:

1. Financial Pain: – if you are the lousy type a Bimbo will drain your bank account to shop often for herself and sponsor a younger boyfriend to satisfy her sexual cravings on your absence.

2. Emotional Pain: – A Bimbo will deny you access to her body if you are not able to meet up with her material needs. The truth is that she will not hesitate to open her legs wide to the fellow who can afford to take care of her needs, even if it is temporary.

3. Health Pain: – With her level of frivolity, she can contact diseases and infections which she definitely pass on to you. If you lucky, you will escape the venom of Hiv/Aids.

4. Family Pain: – A Bimbo can throw an entire family into chaos with her redress and selfish activities just to satisfy her. If you are low-income earner and have to work for long hours daily- a Bimbo wife will definitely hang out with any of your willing family members that can afford her slightest need. It is just a matter of time, you will find out that either your elder brother or far younger brother is sleeping with your proud and beautiful Bimbo.

5. Eternal Pain: – If you engage all known wits and wisdom around to keep a Bimbo in marriage, you may later find out that other men outside or friend of yours are having babies in our home through your Bimbo-Sex Queen. At this, you might over-react and shoot someone either your Sex-Queen or her accomplice, then you book a life jail in the prison yard. Beware! A Bimbo is watching your back.