Qivana Review - Is the Qivana Compensation Plan and Business Model Right For You?

Qivana Review – Is the Qivana Compensation Plan and Business Model Right For You?


Qivana is a company that’s provides supplements that that improves your health. They don’t just sell products individually; they have developed a system consisting of 3 different types of supplements that are designed to help your immune system get stronger. I’m not going to go into the details of the health benefits of using this product. I’m going to concentrate mainly on their business model and compensation plan details so that I can help you determine whether or not this is the right business opportunity for your home business.

Retail Commission

The simplest way to get paid as a Qivana Independent Business Owner is by a retail commission. You buy your products at whole sale then you sell it off at a retail price. The difference between the retail and wholesale price is your profit that is yours to keep. Now the customers who want to order on a regular basis can become preferred customers on auto ship. Auto ship means you will get products shipped to you every 4 weeks. The incentive for the customer is that they will enjoy a $5 per system discount off the retail price if they move up to the preferred status. The profit you receive will be the difference between the customer’s discounted price and the wholesale price. You will make $5 less in profits, but what’s beneficial for you as an IBO (Independent Business Owner) is that the customer will receive their products every 4 weeks because their auto ship is in place. This means every 4 weeks you will get your retail commission.

The Qivana Compensation Plan

The structure of the Qivana compensation plan is classified as a binary plan. Each Independent Business Owner has a left leg and a right leg. So this means that you and every other IBO only have two other IBO’s directly under them. There are three main ways to get paid with Qivana’s binary plan. It’s through team commissions, executive matching bonus, and incentive bonuses. It’s important to know that Qivana does not calculate the commission by multiplying the percentage times the order amount. Instead they use the percentage amount multiplied by the PV (personal volume).

With team commissions you earn 10 percent of the total volume of your lesser leg during the week. For example, if your lesser leg has 500PV for the week then you receive a $50 commission. The lesser leg or weaker leg means this is the team that has less personal volume purchased. A week, according to Qivana, is from Sunday 12:00 AM to Saturday 11:59pm. Now in order to qualify for the team commission you have to be a Silver Pro, personally sponsor 2 IBOs on auto ship and have at least 500GV (Group Volume) in your lesser leg. Silver Pro or just Silver is a fancy way of saying that you have sponsored someone on your left and your right leg. So you can see there are quite a bit of requirements in order to qualify for team commissions.

The Executive Matching Bonus (EMB) allows you to earn a share of the team commissions on the people you sponsor, which is up to 7 generations. A generation is any Independent Business Owner below you that has qualified as an EMB. There are many criteria that you and your team must meet in order to qualify. Next there are 3 incentive bonuses you can qualify for which also have several criteria.

The first is called the Silver2 Bonus. As a leader you need to help each of your sponsored IBO’s right below you achieve a Silver ranking by having at least 50PV a month and having personally sponsored 2 IBO’s on auto ship. As a qualified Silver you will receive the $40 Silver2 bonus every time either one of your personally sponsored IBO’s achieves the Silver ranking. It is important to remember that in order to receive this $40 bonus you must be in the Silver ranking and have at least 50PV in the 4 week period your personally sponsored IBO achieves Silver ranking.

The next bonus is called the Quick Start Bonus. It’s the quickest way to earn a bonus as an IBO newbie for Qivana. Now you will receive a 5% commission on the first order of your personally sponsored IBO. In order to get this 5% you must have 50PV in the month of the order. Now if you have 100PV during the month of the order, you get 10% on the first order and if you have 200PV during the month of the order, you get 20% on the first order. Now I’ve said this already, but it’s important to know that Qivana does not calculate the commission by multiplying the percent times the order amount. Instead they use the percentage amount multiplied by the PV (personal volume) ordered. Each product has a PV value assigned to it as shown below:

Qore Single: 50PV

Qore Standard: 100PV

Qore Share: 225PV

Business: 450PV

Business Max: 1000PV

The last bonus is the Builder Bonus. You get rewarded when your sponsored IBO makes an initial order of 225PV or higher. The builder bonus you receive depends on your auto ship PV (personal volume) and depends on the initial order amount. So for example if the initial order is 225PV and your monthly auto ship is 100PV then you’ll get a bonus of $8. This is the smallest bonus you can receive. Now largest amount is a bonus of $80. To get this $80 bonus your sponsored IBO’s initial order must be 1000PV and your monthly auto ship must be 225PV.


So you can see that this plan has many variables that determine how much you get paid. One of the main variables is the people in your down line. With an MLM you have to heavily depend on other people’s performance to help you receive bonuses and commissions. That is where the majority of your income is made. Now in order to make this happen you have to be able to develop a proven system that duplicates success. If you believe you can be a great motivator and trainer there is definitely a great pay off with this type of business. Keep in mind that it is challenging but with hard work and the right training you can succeed.

Now on the other hand there are other companies that promote a different type of business model called top tier direct sales. Instead of selling low cost high volume items like MLM you’ll be selling high end products with higher end commission payouts. These high end commission payouts can start from $1,000 and up on individual sales. MLM definitely does not have these high commission payouts. It is important to know that you put in just as much work trying to sell a $50 item as you do a $2,000 item. Also making a $1,000 sale is just as easy as making a $50 sale. You are putting in the same effort in marketing and advertising but the only difference is that the commission payout happens to have more zeros attached to it.

Qivana is definitely a legitimate business opportunity that has potential for growth. Ultimately it all depends on what opportunity you think is best for you. I’m just giving you as much information as possible so that you can make an educated business decision for yourself. I want to make sure you’re aware of what options you have before you commit to Qivana or to any other business out there for your home business.


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