Starting A Greeting Card Business Online - Traffic Tips

Starting A Greeting Card Business Online – Traffic Tips

Greeting card business websites are usually lacking one major component that keeps them from

becoming as successful as they could be when starting a greeting card business. The component

is traffic to their website. Before starting a greeting card business, read this article so you don’t

fall for the biggest mistakes owners are making online.

You are about to discover the ways to overcome this major issue and have a fun and profitable

home based greeting card business in no time. Also, there is a free ecourse below that shows you how starting a greeting card business can be very profitable. Now for the tips.

1) Articles

One of the easiest ways to get traffic to your website is to write articles about your niche. Before you write an article though, you need to do some keyword research and see what people are typing in the search engines. This way you are not wasting your time writing articles that nobody even cares about.

Article marketing in the greeting card business can pay off very well because you can become an authority in that niche. If you do not have time to write an article yourself, you can always hire a writer to ghostwrite and article for you and then submit the article to certain websites.

By following this one strategy, you can see traffic to your greeting card business website within days.

2) Video

Video is powerful for several reasons. You can make a video and submit the video to free websites like YouTube and within about forty-eight hours, you could be ranked in the search engines. I have done it several times and by creating a simple video filled with content, I have literally dominated certain keywords in my niche completely for free.

3) Forums

Going into a popular forum and answering questions about certain topics can pay big dividends over time because people trust you as an authority. While you are their posting, you can have a signature file which points to your greeting card business website totally for free. You can get traffic using this technique within minutes of posting.

4) Blog

Setting up a blog for your greeting card business can be a very smart idea. Search engines love blogs so if you talk about greeting card business related topics or maybe give tips on starting a greeting card business, you can do very well for keyword ranking in your niche.

5) Podcast

There are several ways to go as far as starting a greeting card business podcast but using blogtalkradio has proven to be a very powerful medium to start a podcast effectively. There are some very cool options with blogtalkradio but my favorite reason for using the service is because the search engines rank the site very well. It is important to do keyword research and name your

podcast headlines after keywords you are trying to rank for.

If you apply just one or even two of these strategies with your greeting card business, in no time at all you will have a good steady flow of people visiting your greeting card business website.


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