Using Podcasts to Support Your Small Business Online

Using Podcasts to Support Your Small Business Online

Marketing has Never Been So Entertaining

In this age of technology, reading isn’t the only way to get information. People are becoming more and more creative with the way that they present facts to the public, and video and audio are the latest way to broadcast information out to the world. One increasingly popular way to get multi-media out to people is through podcasting.

A podcast is a series of digital files that are released in episodes. People can download and review them as they become available. If you’re thinking about using this medium to support your small business online, then you’re taking a big step towards the future of marketing.

It’s really not as difficult to create an audio or video as you might think. The first step to using podcasts to support your small business online is creating original media content for people to download. You can choose audio or video, depending on which you prefer and which you think will be most effective in helping your business. You can record demonstrations of your product, how-tos for different aspects of your area of expertise, and even customer testimonials. You can subscribe to various podcasts yourself to get a feel for what works and what doesn’t.

Once you create the material, it’s easy to upload it to a website that will easily create an RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed. Once you’ve got it uploaded, it’s now available for anyone around the world with an internet connection to download and review. If you’re intent on using podcasts to support your small business online, then you should try to make your videos as creative and fun as possible. More people will watch them and subscribe to them if they’re entertaining. But, at the same time, you want to be sure to provide valuable information about your business in your broadcasts, too.

Using podcasts to support your small business online is not only an easy way to get people interested in your business, but also a great way to keep people informed about any news pertaining to your business or industry. People are much more likely to watch a short video or listen to a short audio file than they are to read even a one-page newsletter. The truth is, video and audio has been proven to have a much higher conversion rate. In the age of the internet, entertainment is king. So you might as well do your best to make your podcasts as entertaining as possible. This will not only be more fun for your subscribers, but it’ll be more fun for you as well.


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