Valentine's Day Shopping Engagement Ring Advice

Valentine’s Day Shopping Engagement Ring Advice

Get the scoop on this season’s hottest engagement ring trends before you go out and buy anything this Valentine’s Day! Take a look at a few fashion magazines, check out your favorite jewelers annual holiday wish lists on their websites, and even ask a few of your close female friends for some much-needed fine jewelry advice. Getting the proposal just right is one thing. Buying her the stunning diamond engagement ring from her wildest dreams is a whole other thing in itself.

Start by deciding what your overall budget is. It’s not uncommon for people to spend between two and four months’ salary on wedding jewelry like the engagement ring. However, you have to take into account that you’re buying this fine jewelry during the holidays, so you have to remember that you still have to buy a lot of Valentine’s Day gifts for all of those people on your gift list this year, as well. If you started the planning months ago, then you probably have been putting away the necessary funds to buy the ring and all of your presents for the year.

However, what do you do when this isn’t the case? What options do you have if you have not been putting money away or if an unexpected expense throws off your budget plans? You can always visit your bank and see if you’re eligible for a loan. Just be aware that many banks are used to this during the holiday season and often jack up their interest rates as a result. Many fine jewelers who offer financing on Valentine’s Day purchases do not do this, however. In fact, many of them offer interest-free financing for several months after any initial purchases, which can be the perfect solution for you.

So, once you figure out your financial situation, you can begin the process of looking for the ideal ring. Like we mentioned before, take a look at this year’s fashion trends and ask a few ladies for some advice. It’s also never a bad idea to ask your special someone’s best friend or mother if they know the kind of ring they would like to have. Don’t be surprised if they just so happen to know the exact ring they would want. Plus, be sure and ask them if they know their ring size. No one wants to propose and then have the engagement ring not fit.